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You're here, now what? The big question of a QR link.

How should you use QR / 2D Barcodes

QR Codes / 2D Barcodes when scanned should link to an action item, an offer or specific informational content. You've succeeded in getting someone to scan your code with their phone, you achieved step 1 by creating an action. Keep that action going by making the link relative to the source item of the code such a poster, brochure or direct mail piece. Have them arrive at a point where another action holds their attention or provides for additional action,


  • Development Departments - Link to Donation Page
  • Seminar or Event - Link to Registration Page
  • Retail or Restaurant - Link to Savings Coupon or Online Catalog
  • Product Information - Link to product Video or Offer
  • Corporate Information - Link to Video or Offer
  • Alumni or Membership Departments - Link to a donation page or login page to update their profile
  • Public Awareness - Link to Video or "Get Involved" registration page
  • Political Campaign - Link to Video, Get Involved, Donate, etc.

There are many places a QR code / 2D code can take an individual. Make it worth their time and yours. Need help with implementation, just ask us how.

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