Offices Located in:
Massachusetts &
North Carolina
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J. Donnelly Direct, Inc. was founded in Mansfield, MA by Jim Donnelly in 1996 to be a full service provider and single source solution for the print & mail needs of an organization including fulfillment and response management services. By utilizing a unique group of trade partners we can handle projects from as small as 100 pieces to projects that reach into the millions.

We can provide all aspects of a project or just a part. Need only mailing, that's fine. Print a brochure, OK, kit and fulfill product samples, we do that too. There is almost no end to the project ideas.

We serve a range of industries from publishing to hi-tech, non-profit to education. While most of our clients are within Massachusetts we service clients throughout New England and the U.S.including clients in DC, North & South Carolina, and Oregon. We are also international, working with clients in Germany.