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Printing & Direct Mail - On Time & On Budget

J.Donnelly Direct, Inc., a one-stop solutions provider for all of your printing and direct mail requirements. Matching the proper technology and equipment to meet the demands of your project will assure you the best quality product at cost-effective pricing. Simple or complex, all projects are processed with the same attention to detail. Traditional sheet, web and digital printing, complex packages, variable data printing, NCOA, mail processing and tracking that fits your schedule and budget.

Planning for 2024 and beyond

  • Print & Mail are still an excellent way to stay in touch with your Clients, Donors, or Alumni.
  • Planning ahead on projects is very important. You'll need to start early to work on a strategy and content. Projects that are ready to go will be the first to get press time. Planning and preparation are vital, and we can help.
  • The next Postal increase is expected in late January.
  • There is a big bonus to First-Class presort mailers: the weight limit of a presorted letter rate item remains at 3.5 oz.
  • Standard Mail will now be classified as Marketing Mail.
  • Please consult with us on address placement during the design phase, as simple address placement mistakes on flats and folded self-mailers can be very costly if not correct.
  • Development Projects
  • Roll out strong with a 2024 campaign
  • Tax Form & Annual Statement processing is available
  • 2024 is also a big election year. Political printing, signage, and mailing are available.
Offset, Web & Digital Printing - Envelopes - Union Printing
Mailing Services - Response Management - Kitting & Fulfillment

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Your brainchild is our inspiration.

Let us combine our printing and marketing expertise with the service necessary to take your project from concept to completion. Business cards to brochures, catalogs to calendars, we'll deliver what you need, on time.